Jordan Emely


Jordan is a senior from Bellefonte, PA and sings bass with The Singing Lions, studying Education and Public Policy with a minor in Sociology. Outside of The Singing Lions, Jordan works for Student Orientation and Transition Programs and Career Services. Jordan states "I love the passion that the group has. It is so inspiring about this group that, while our passion for music is evident, we all have outside passions that we can support each other in. This group of incredible performers have such fierce determination and verve that their passion shows through in all they do and all we support each other in."


Anton Aluquin

Treasurer / AV, Fundraising, and THON Outreach Chair

Anton is a sophomore singing bass from Hershey, PA studying Health Policy and Administration and Pre-Med! He states "I love being with the people who love singing, McDonald's chicken nuggets, being curious, and living life just as much as I do."


Jeryx De Guzman

Public Relations Manager

JD is a sophomore from Staten Island, New York studying Communication Sciences and Disorders and his favorite thing about being a part of the Singing Lions is being a part of something that feels like a family.


Cheyanne Waller

Choreographer / Cabaret Chair

Cheyanne is a junior from Lancaster, PA studying Communication Sciences and Disorders! She loves how connected the Slions are and how genuine her friendships have become!


Zach Zapico

Family Relations Chair

Zach Zapico is a junior singing tenor from Pittsburgh, PA and majors in Electrical Engineering. Zach loves getting to hang out with his closest friends as a member of The Singing Lions!


Becca Lefkowitz

THON Chair

Becca is a junior singing alto from Suffern, New York! She majors in Psychology and also in Human Development and Family Studies! She loves that The Singing Lions is "a family through and through, our love for music is an added bonus!"


Kenneth Cruz

Social Chair

Kenneth is a senior from NYC singing tenor. He is currently studying Film-Video Production with a DMTA minor. His favorite part about the Slions is being able to be himself. "They are my home away from home and have made my Penn State experience one in a million."


Sean Terrey

Social Chair

Sean is a junior from Flourtown, PA studying Political Science, and minors in Security And Risk Analysis and Anthropology and a tenor with The Singing Lions! He loves the friends he has made along the way, and the experiences and concerts he gets to share with them every time.


Holly Spinner

General Member

Holly is a junior studying Psychology with a minor in Sociology, coming all the way from Naperville, Illinois. She is a proud soprano of The Singing Lions and loves getting to THON and perform with her best friends.


Lindsay Aluquin

General Member

Lindsay is one of our newest members! She's an alto from Hershey, PA and we're so excited to have her this year!


Samantha Calus

Vice President / THON Chair

Samantha Calus is a junior from Rochester, New York who is studying Environmental Resource Management with a concentration in Environmental Science, while minoring in Theatre and Watershed Water Resources. She loves getting to experience so many new things with "some of my favorite people on campus."


Deirdre Hall


Deirdre is a junior singing soprano from Walkersville, Maryland with a Science major with a focus in biological science and health professions! Her favorite part about The Singing Lions is that "we're a group of unique, talented individuals. We're each different, but we love, respect, and appreciate each other."


Megan Swift

Music Director / Fundraising Chair

Megan Swift is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA! She loves extending her music passion through The Singing Lions! Megan majors in Print/Digital Journalism and minors in creative writing and entrepreneurial innovations through Schreyer Honors College!


Tommy Bennett

Assistant Choreographer / Cabaret Chair

Tommy is a sophomore from Wallingford, PA studying Psychology and HDFS, minoring in Child Maltreatment and advocacy studies. He is also involved in other clubs such as DMAX, Thespians, and PAC! As a tenor in The Singing Lions, he loves "getting to be around the best people on campus"!


Will Lehmann

Family Relations Chair

Will Lehmann is a sophomore from Westchester, PA currently in DUS with a minor in Spanish. This bass loves The Singing Lions because of our people and our passion!


Addison Albert

Alumni Relations Chair

Addison is a senior from Saxonburg, PA studying Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Theatre. She hails from many other clubs such as Penn State Thespian Society, NRT, Lion Ambassadors, Centre County Report, 46Live, and Life Link Volunteer. This soprano states "I love that we all joined for the music but stayed for the people. This group is so much more to me than a show choir, it is my family."


Sierra Cucciardi

Social Chair

Sierra is a sophomore from New York studying Marketing! She loves the new wonderful friends that she has made from the Singing Lions.


Andrew Erb

General Member

Andrew Erb is a junior singing bass from Lancaster, PA studying Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Andrew states "I love being a part of The Singing Lions because they’re my Penn State Family. We spend so much time together working on music and dance, and also get to enjoy each other’s company outside of the group. I’m grateful for all of the relationships that I’ve made from this wonderful group."


Katelynn Powell

General Member

Katelynn Powell is a senior singing alto from Pittsburgh, PA studying Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship with minors in the visual arts and marketing! She loves the family bonds that she has created and the connections The Singing Lions have to alumni.


Muggs Leone

General Member

Muggs is one of our newest members! He's a baritone from Fairfax, VA and we're so excited to have him this year!